On the night of December 22, 2005 the screams of a child sounded out over the line of a New York 911 operator. Not knowing if the call was real or a prank, officers were dispatched to the residence on Long Island, New York where the call originated from. Upon arrival, police made a gruesome discovery… Anne Parrish and her three sons brutally murdered. Husband and father James Parrish was presumably not at home at the time.

Over the next few days, several unsuccessful attempts were made to locate Mr. Parrish for questioning and he was declared missing. At first, detectives considered the possibility that the Mr. Parrish might also have fallen victim to foul play. However, upon further investigation and DNA testing, he became the prime suspect in the killings.

Weeks turned into months and authorities found the hunt for Parrish fast becoming a futile exercise. Law enforcement agencies nationwide were placed on alert and a plea for the public’s assistance was issued in helping to apprehend Parrish. But as time passed with no leads, the investigation was eventually deemed a ‘cold case.’ Investigators could only hope that the family slayings would prove to be an insolated incident, but, those hopes were dashed

On Monday, March 8, 2010, more than four years after the brutal slayings, an abandoned house in Bayside Queens would be the site of another tragedy. The construction team Cole Contracting of New York, were being video taped by multiple cameras on their first day of what was to be a home makeover reality show.  By sundown the house became a killing ground at the hands of a brutal and deranged killer.

With over one hundred hours of footage taken from the multiple cameras set up throughout the house, investigators were able to collect what they believe as indisputable evidence that confirms Parrish as the killer.

Although no motive has been established for the recent Bayside killings, psychiatrist, Charles Loftus, states, "I have studied all of the footage as well as the evidence taken from the home and based on the severe brutality of the acts, it is obvious that the perpetrator wanted his victims to suffer, which is not usually indicative of random acts of violence. This is a very disturbed and dangerous individual.”

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